Data Analytics

Improving Your Knowledge of Your Business and the Quality of Your Decision-Making

  • Quantify the value of customers, segments, offerings, and marketing campaigns.
  • Analyze and compare predictions of pricing, market penetration, inventory, and more.
  • Improve data analysis to bolster the quality of your business decisions and compare to actual results.

Success Stories:

  • By providing real-time comparison data on revenue and marketing expenses, our analysis improved the effectiveness of a client’s marketing campaigns and contributed to the 10x growth of the company.
  • Our analysis pinpointed initiatives which had low return to the client and recommended products and marketing campaigns to discontinue.
  • Our analysis drove a client’s 12 percent annual cost savings through the provision of accurate, real-time recommended hourly labor scheduling, based on the number of orders to be produced and shipped.
  • We work with your organization’s chosen tools (e.g. Hadoop, Kliqview, SAS, and more) to provide data-based insights into your business: