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Lee Hall has been practicing and studying integration for decades.

In the 80s Lee developed and implemented several Enhanced 911 systems to automatically connect your call to correct police, fire, and medical services without ever failing. This required integrating telecom switches to fault tolerant computing systems and applications to call centers as well as designing fail over systems in the event the reason for the calls took out the system itself. Lee moved onto integrating computing systems with printing presses, followed by integrating 200+ disparate applications hosted on mainframes, minicomputers, and personal computers. This was followed up by integrating aircraft systems to a few dozen disparate ground systems while not impacting safety and reducing the cost to airlines.

For the last 10 years Lee has been analyzing the successes and failures of these and many more projects in order to improve the outcome of integration projects.

Jerry Dyer is Program Manager for enterprise systems and processes and a writer. Jerry started out as a newspaperman, working his way up to editor. As the world changed, Jerry found himself leading and defining processes which manage enterprise change management of computing systems for Global 2000 customers. This broad scope required integrating new components and systems into a cohesive system that customers used to ……